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What is E S D?
Reorienting Education
Localizing the Global Initiative
Challenges and Barriers to E S D
Community Sustainability Goals
Case Study: Toronto, Canada Board of Education
Managing Change
Public Participation
Concluding remarks
Tools to Introduce the Concept of Sustainable Development
Tools to Create Community Goals
Tools to Reorient Education to Address Sustainability
Tools for Managing Change
Web resources

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by Regina Rizzi

The following exercises are designed to help introduce the concept of sustainability. Given that the term evokes confusion among educators, community members, policy makers, and government officials, we decided to include in the Toolkit three exercises to help you explain sustainable development to others. These exercises will only be effective if they accompany a solid description of sustainability and a few examples. In addition, the World Wide Web has many sites dedicated to explaining components of sustainability and city sustainability plans (see Section XVI, World Wide Web Resources.)

The exercises that introduce the concept of sustainability are:

  1. Drain or Sustain?

  2. Drain or Sustain II

  3. S.E.E. the Links

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