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What is E S D?
Reorienting Education
Localizing the Global Initiative
Challenges and Barriers to E S D
Community Sustainability Goals
Case Study: Toronto, Canada Board of Education
Managing Change
Public Participation
Concluding remarks
Tools to Introduce the Concept of Sustainable Development
Tools to Create Community Goals
Tools to Reorient Education to Address Sustainability
Tools for Managing Change
Web resources

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by Marianne Chrystalbridge

Searching for informative Web sites on education for sustainable development can involve plowing through over 3,000 sites. Many of these Web sites simply mention ESD as a reference, or contain only limited information on ESD. After an extensive but not exhaustive search (limited to the English language Web), we found the sites on the following pages to be most useful. (We do not endorse any workshops, books, or programs mentioned in the Web sites listed below.)

The Web sites are categorized as follows:

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